Women and science, from past to future

8/03/2017 – 29/04/2017
Women and science, from past to future
Como celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Marie Curie (1867-1934), with an exhibition curated by Chiara Milani and Laura Rampazzi, entitled Donne e Scienza, dal passato al future (Women and Science, from past to future).

The exhibition dedicated to the great scientist, twice Nobel Prize winner, is an opportunity to draw the attention to those women who, from antiquity to the present day, have chosen science as field of research; women who - despite a male dominated society and the consequent exclusion from regular studies - have taken the path of science with great difficulty but with incredible determination, achieving interesting or important.
Free Entrance

location: Public library, piazzetta Lucati 1
Opening times
Monday-Friday: 9.30am - 7.00pm
Saturday: 2.00 pm -7.00 pm
Sunday: closed
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