Villa Reale, Monza

The Royal Villa in Monza is one of the most important monuments in the city. It was built during the period of the Austrian domination as a symbol of the prestige and magnificence of the Habsburg Court. It was commissioned by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria as a summer house for his fourth male son, the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, at that time living in Milan as the General Governor of the Austrian Lombardy.
The works began in 1777 under the guidance of the Architect Giuseppe Piermarini, who designed a building in the neoclassical style, according to the simple Lombard tradition, but inspired by the grandeur of the Palace of Caserta, the realization of which he had participated as a student of Vanvitelli. To the central body were added two wings for the master and guests’ bedrooms as well as two further branches for the servants, the sheds and other tools, for a total of almost seven hundred rooms.
Today it is possible to visit is the central body of the Villa, which consists of ground floor, first floor, second floor and panoramic viewpoint. From the gardens of the Royal Villa you can access the beautiful park.
Currently the Villa hosts exhibitions, and also a High Institute of Art.


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