Via dei Monti Lariani

The "Lariani" Mountain Trail is a beautiful hiking trail linking the resorts dotted along the mountains of the western shore of Lake Como from Cernobbio to Sorico with a 125 km journey . Many of these places, located between 600 and 1200 meters above sea level, were once used by the coastal populations of Lario (the ancient name of Lake Como), hence the name “Via dei Monti Lariani” understood as the path linking these ancient resorts.

The trail, entirely marked by mall red-white-red flags, is divided into four stages. The first one goes from Cernobbio to the Val d'Intelvi (28 km length), the second one from the Val d'Intelvi to the Val Menaggio (26 km), the third one from the Val Menaggio to the Val Albano (24 km) and the fourth one from the Val Albano to Sorico (46 km).

Please find hereafter some B&B located nearby:

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