Small Brianza lakes

In the southern area of Lake Como there are five small lakes surrounded by short slopes that enrich the territory with their lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes. From the east to the west there are: Lake Montorfano, Alserio, Pusiano, Annone and Garlate. All of them are accessible on foot, by bicycle and even on horseback. You can find small beaches and picnic areas or sail the calm waters by boat and enjoy the beauty of the area.
Thanks to a study of Milan Polytechnic, the idea of “Rotary Club” to build a bike path linking Alserio, Pusiano and Annone lakes will come true. The route will be mainly developed on already existing tracks and pass in the area around the sports center “Lambrone” in Erba and the nearby Rowing Center of Eupilio.

Lake Montorfano: the smallest of the lakes in Brianza is located in a nature reserve, overlooked by the eighteenth-century Villa Barbavara and the prestigious Golf Club Villa d'Este. On clear days, from here it is possible to admire the “Monte Rosa”.

Lake Alserio: is surrounded by meadows that lap its shores. The area is a real oasis for leisure trips and picnics, with pleasant and easy paths to walk or ride by bike.

Lake Pusiano: offers one of the most beautiful natural sights of the whole Brianza, both looking at it from the summit of Mount Cornizzolo (1240 mt) and from its shores. Lake Pusiano is the only Brianza lake having an island: the "Isola dei Cipressi", a private property. If you can admire the beauty of the lake directly from its waters, you can do it by kayak, on board of the “Enigma” vessel or the “Vago Eupili” boat, that offers excursions starting from Bosisio Parini from April to October.

Lake Annone is the largest of the Brianza lakes. Around its shores there is the "Golf Club Lecco", the only golf facility in the province of Lecco.

Lake Garlate: is located inside the “Adda Nord” Park, south of Lecco. On the eastern shore there are several landing points to access the different public parks.

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