Ravella Valley and Geological Trail

The Ravella Valley is located in the territory called "Triangolo Lariano” (= Larian Triangle) in the municipality of Canzo with a small section in the town of Valbrona. The valley takes its name from the stream that comes from the southern slopes of the Horns of Canzo and flows westward at about 1000 meters a.s.l. to flow into the river Lambro in the hamlet of Castelmarte.
The territory is characterized by an interchange of natural hardwood forests and artificial reforestation with conifer trees carried out in the 50s. Along the route there are several erratic boulders brought by the glacier during the last ice age.
The stream is bordered on the left by the Nature Reserve "Sasso Malascarpa" that includes the regional forest of the "Corni di Canzo" for an area of about 450 hectares. The high Ravella valley ends with a mountain pass called "Colma".
At the beginning of the valley you find the location Prim'Alpe with the educational museum of the nature reserve Sasso Malascarpa, which displays samples of fauna, geology, paleontology and botany of the nature reserve and the whole group of the Horns of Canzo. In the central part of the valley you find a hut called Terz'Alpe used as an agritourism, that represents an excellent base for excursions, while on the path towards Terz'Alpe there are the ruins of Second'Alpe.

Along the Ravella valley runs a geological nature trail called "Giorgio Achermann" that climbs from the Gajum spring to the shrine dedicated to St. Miro offering the possibility to admire interesting geological phenomena and learn about the local flora as well as the traditions of the locals.

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