The Monte Barro Regional Park is a beautiful window on Lecco, Lake Como and a wonderful range of biodiversity.
The Regional Park of Monte Barro takes its name from the calcareous-dolomitic type of rock tha make it.
It has natural borders: the eastern branch of Lake Como, Lake Annone and Lake Garlate and the Galbiate hills.
Woods, pastures and cliffs host an extraordinary floral heritage: in less than 700 hectares we find more than 1000 species of plants. A unique biodiversity allowing the park to be a site of EU interest.

The Park also hosts historical and archeological sites. The archeological excavations at Piani di Barra, discovered a unique Italian example of human settlements dated back to the Goths Age (V-VI century a.C.) together with evidences, ornaments, furnishings now hosted at the Archeological Museum of Monte Barro.
The Ethnographic Museum of Alta Brianza (MEAB), in the district of Camporeso in Galbiate, represents a great point of interest where the traditional life and activities of the working class of Lecco and Brianza is captured by images, videos and objects.

Monte Barro, thanks to its strategic position, hosts the Ornithological Station of Costa Perla, where migratory birds are controlled and studied.
Every saturday in March you can visit Villa Bertarelli and its beautiful gardens, the Villa hosts the Monte Barro Park headquarters and the Autoctona Flora Center.
Opening times: 8.30 - 11.30 am

Photo: Parco Monte Barro
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