Montevecchia Park and Curone Valley

The park covers about 2740 hectares and includes the Curone Valley, the hill of Montevecchia and the plain crossed by the river Molgora and its tributaries.
It is the last green area in the eastern Brianza, where the natural landscape aspects merge harmoniously together with the traditional human settlement. There are many archaeological evidences and architectural elements: neolithic villages and villages from the Iron Age, remains of Roman fortifications and a baroque sanctuary on top of Montevecchia.
Inside the park there are two interesting visitor centers: “Cascina Butto” and “Ca Soldato”.
The visitor center Cascina Butto was created to help visitors notice the main points of interest of the Park and observe hidden aspects that may be missed.
The center Cà Soldato has got a small museum where visitors can watch the wildlife of the Park and the different environments that characterize it. The farmstead houses a group of voluntary Ecological Guards operating for environmental education, supervision, safeguard of the environment and organization of guided tours in the most beautiful and interesting points of the protected area.
How to get there by car:
Catch the eastern ring road of Milan passing the barrier of Carugate direction Lecco and continue straight for about 17 km till Cernusco Lombardone. Here turn left towards Missaglia-Monticello, continue till the traffic lights in locality “Quattro strade” and finally turn right along the steep slope that leads up the hill of Montevecchia.

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