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"Manzoni" Itinerary (Italian writer, 1785-1873)

On the trails of “The Betrothed”

Lecco is rich in literary memories thanks to Alessandro Manzoni's masterpiece “The Betrothed”. We recommend a walk within these places that according to tradition have been the theatre of many episodes of the novel. The itinerary takes place in the southern part of the city, from the neighborhood of Pescarenico , where little remains of the convent of Fra' Cristoforo but where it is still possible to visit the Church of Saint Materno and Saint Lucia with its rare plastic compositions in wax and papier-mâché from the seventeenth century and the "Trinity " of Cerano. The itinerary continues in the district of Olate in the north, considered the birthplace of Lucia, the village where the two promised fiancés would get married and in the district of Acquate . These two districts contend the supposed "House of Lucia." Above, on the promontory of Zucco , it was identified Don Rodrigo’s palace, nowadays a rationalist building , while a country road leading to Germanedo indicates the location of the famous " ambush . In the district of Chiuso there is the presumed dwelling place of the tailor who welcomes Lucia after being released and where the conversion of the “Innominato”( the Nameless) would occur. The castle of the Innominato is supposed to be farther in the south in Somasca, a district of Vercurago. You cannot miss a visit to the residence that belonged to the Manzoni family and that the writer himself sold reluctantly, as it results from his correspondence. The building now houses the Museum of Manzoni which exhibits manuscripts, first editions, and memorabilia relating to the life and works of the writer.


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