Friday, June 17th, 2011 - 2:03pm

The constituent Association intends to work to promote its B&B and their territories in the provinces of Como, Lecco, Bergamo, Sondrio, Milan, Monza with seriousness and quality, most willingness / helpfulness and competence in tourist information


The Association "Managers Friends of Quality B&B" was founded in compliance with the Civil Code, the Law 383/7/12/2000 and the Regional Law 28 of 16.03.1996


The Association’s registered and administrative office is located in Mandello del Lario (Lecco), Via dell’Acqua Bianca 1/1. The transfer of the seat will not involve any statutory modifications.

The Association was established to achieve greater visibility, facilitate an exchange of information, promote a coordination between its members, propose more and more activities in order to improve the quality of hospitality, spread the B&B “culture” and facilitate their opening on the territory.
“Quality” will be our motto in running our B&B providing hospitality, kindness towards hosts, prices transparency, most willingness and competence in tourist information, promotion of the territory in its natural, historical, cultural, culinary, handcraft aspects, etc.
The Association is a non-profit one, with unlimited duration. No possible profits shall be distributed but must be reinvested in the Association itself or in favor of institutional activities.

All operators who accept the articles of the Statute and internal Procedure, and who share its aims may be admitted into the Association. The admission to the Association is decided by the Committee- upon evaluation of the written request produced by the applicant, in compliance with the of Law Regulation 675/96 all personal data collected will be subject to confidentiality and used only for Association purposes against the member’s written approval. The member agrees to pay the yearly rate for self-financing established by the Committee and approved by the shareholders in the Annual Report, to respect the Statute and its regulations. The number of members is unlimited, they are required to pay the annual fee. The behavior of every member towards the other members must be animated by a spirit of solidarity, honesty, ethical scrupulousness.

A member may retreat from the Association upon a written explanation to be sent to the Committee and will be crossed out after 30 days after their approval. The member can be expelled from the Association in case of non-fulfillment of the assumed duties or for serious reasons that may have caused image or ethical damages to the Association.

The Association’s authorities are:
- The Shareholders’ Assembly
- The Committee
-The President
-The Secretary
- The Treasurer
All social roles are assumed and fulfilled completely for free.

The Assembly is the supreme authority of the Association, gathers at least once a year for the approval of the financial and economic statement of the previous year and is chaired by the President or his representative. The assembly can be ordinary or extraordinary and is valid even with two mandates per member.
It is called extraordinary if you want to amend the Statute or transfer or release the Association with the vote of ¾ of the shareholders, if the dissolution is sanctioned, the transfer of the assets will be made with purposes of public utility; any modification or addition to the articles of the Statute shall not be in conflict with its social purposes.
It is called ordinary in all other cases, it is valid on first call if there is the majority of the members or they are represented by mandate. The ordinary Assembly elects the President and the Committee, proposes initiatives indicating procedures and organizational support, validates the annual balance sheet, settles the annual membership fee, approves the annual program of the association.
The discussions and deliberations of the Assembly, both ordinary and extraordinary, are summarized in a memo that is prepared by the Secretary or by another member of the assembly , is signed by the President as well as by the one who has written it on a special register, and kept in the Association at disposal of anyone who should wish to consult it.
The ordinary or extraordinary assembly takes place upon written notice such as letter or e-mail, at least 7 days prior to the date on schedule for the meeting.

The President is the legal representative of the Association, officiates the Committee and the Assembly, represents the Association towards the authorities and is its official spokesperson. He calls the shareholders' Assembly, manages social funds with measures countersigned by the treasurer, is assisted by the Secretary and Committee in the performance of the executive activities.

The treasurer manages the Association’s funds, is in charge of the bookkeeping on appropriate registers, prepares the annual report that is put on display 20 days before the meeting and may be inspected by any member.
The Association’s activities end on December, 31st of each year and the Assembly for the Balance sheet’s approval must be held within April, 30th of the following year.
Any possible profit or surplus as well as any fund remains from the Association’s life shall not be distributed among the members but must be reinvested in favor of the promotion of tourism.