In Esino Lario the world meeting of Wikipedia

"Welcome, Wikipedia": a small town in English class!

Esino Lario is preparing this way to welcome the thousands of volunteers who will come from the five continents for "Wikimania": the 12th international meeting of the world's most widely used online encyclopedia. The fever among the 761 inhabitants of the mountain village, 913 meters high under the Grigna grows: construction sites everywhere for fast internet and a new look to homes and public buildings. A race against time, with a total investment of 400.000,= Euros. For seven days (21 to 28 June 2016) Esino Lario will be the world capital of Wikipedia, where the guidelines for the future of free knowledge on the web will be debated and written, but not only! The goal will be to make Esino Lario the symbol of release of tiny mountain realities that in the digital age can dream big.

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