Canottieri Lecco (= Lecco Rowing)

It is since 1895 that the sport on the Lecco lakeside is called “Canottieri Lecco” as it is since then that the Company (established to contribute to the development of rowing for the physical and moral improvement of youth and its members) offers its members the tools and place to experience the lake, practicing competitive or amateur sport or relaxing in front of a sunset and a drink, enjoying the scent of a piece of city history.

Entering the grey gate of Via Nullo means carving out a vacation spot in the city; Rowing, in fact, is also this: the large plane tree refreshing in summer, the mountains towards the north that look like scenes almost made to frame the lake, the always blowing breeze of Tivano or Breva and some friends to have some talk to.
The entrance to the company is allowed to members throughout the year with the following timetable: from April to September from 6am to 11pm, from October to March from 8am to 10pm.


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